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Monday, October 25, 2010

And We are His Sisters and His Cousins and His Aunts...!

I don't know whether you have begun to participate in the trend of communicating through "skits" rather than Keynote or MS-PowerPoint presentations, but I would just like to recommend if you do it, you should dramatize "Jeapordy" with questions relative to your message ("What is ... VELOCITY?").  That is easy to do, and always a winner.  If "Jeapordy" is not possible on your budget, then next best is to have a large group of normally dignified people traipse around on stage in herd formation, as is so often done in Gilbert and Sullivan.

I couldn't help but notice this morning that on our small commuter jet from Chicago to Atlanta, there were 50 seats, only six of which were in first class.  As I sat in the airport lounge waiting to board, I noticed there were 38 of us waiting to be upgraded.  38!  And only one unfilled seat.  So eventually, we all tried to board, and that's when I noticed we were all pulling carry-on sized black rolling luggage along with a smaller bag.  We each dutifully tagged the bag with a green label and left it at plane-side.  We all crowded onto the plane and resented the people in the six first-class seats.  After all, virtually the whole plane had been placed on the list!  Then we all herded off the plane and waited for our nearly identical black rolling luggage to be delivered back to us.

There was something so lemming-like in this operation, I couldn't help but be charmed.