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How To Write A One-Page Proposal to an Executive

One day you may need to communicate with an executive. Pro tip 1:  executives do not have time for you to dim the lights and show them forty slides with charts composed of animated dancing leprechauns and flashing arrows that emerge from the void in a checkerboard pattern. Pro tip 2:   Guys, and gals with deep voices, executives also don't need you to use your "Radio Announcer Voice."

As a rule, what executives want is simple: one printed page. No matter what it is, it should be one page. And it should be printed, not emailed.  You should plan to hand it to the executive, and then you should be quiet when they read it and wait for their questions.  It's harder than it sounds.
 So how do you do it?  Here are the steps:
Write the deck that expresses your proposal in as many slides as it takes.  Use imaginative animation and blinking letters if you must.Remove your title slide.Insert a new slide at the front of the deck with "Appendix" written on it in big …

4 Step Knowledge Base: Jump Start Your Enterprise Culture Change

If you're reading this, you may be attempting a large scale organizational change of some kind.  And perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed at the huge amount of literature available in "the Google" about how to change a large organization.

Please, just stop it right now!  You are setting yourself up for the classic organizational change mistake:  letting the "perfect" get in the way of "the good."  Or even "the existent."  If you've even got a small idea that is a good one, just do it.  Stop pondering the big picture and try something.  Let's start with the concept of "culture change."

Ask anyone, and they'll tell you, "oh a culture is the hardest thing to change."  Then ask them what they've tried.  Sometimes the culture is ahead of you, and you don't need to send out individual missionaries to personally convert and baptize new recruits one at a time.  Who died and left you and your hand-picked cronie…

How to Become a Blogger in 5 Steps

You should blog.  Why?
You write well when you use complete sentences.  The world deserves to enjoy your writing, not just abbreviations you can fit into 140 characters.  Also, we're tired of reading things like "ORD->LHR.  Tired after 17 days of nonstop travel through Europe."  Actually, I suppose if that's what you are going to write about in complete sentences, that would technically be "bragging," not "blogging."  So don't.You might like blogging.  Don't let that beautiful writing skill lie dormant.  Let me nudge you!  If you write it, I will comment!  Or someone else will.Most of you should blog to help build your personal brand.  The phrase qualifies for Buzzword Bingo!, but there is some wisdom behind the "marketspeak."  As commented below--be ambitious.  Don't expect instant fortune or fame, but don't be surprised by it when it comes.  And at minimum, you are putting your best face forward for peop…