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Your Agile Waterloo: Send in the Specialized Coaching Cavalry

Let's say you want to convert your company's software development processes to "agile."  Where to start, you wonder.
If you're a software developer, you'll say, "it's about DEVELOPMENT!  Get out of my WAY!" and off you trundle to be agile, and if you knock over all of your business partners along the way, heaven help you.  Connoisseurs of my existing agile-related oeuvre (hi Mom!) may guess at this point that I'm about to do another impassioned defense of Agile Business Analysts as the Most Important People on the Team.  But no, not even our heroic Shoeshine Boy-cum-UnderDog analysts can empower an agile team to be fabulous on their own. If you're an executive, you may cannily notice that your development staff is already jumping around like hyper ferrets with their build pipelines, their sharpies and their card walls, and you might think all you need now is a "Scrum Master" to help keep things a little organized.  Train th…