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From "Agile" to "Astute:" Value Wrangling Requires Technique

I've been putting my shoulder to a wheel which Jim Highsmith has steadily pushed for a long time, and which Gojko Adzic has started actively evangelizing over the past year or so, which is a group effort to brand, rationalize, and advertise practices to help teams "build the right thing" as a complement to the fairly well established "agile" practices for helping those teams "build things right."

Like the Agile Manifesto drafters, who came together in 2001 as established and successful software delivery practitioners, Adzic has brought together some wonderfully talented practitioners into his discussion space, many of whom have already published substantively on the topic.  To name just a few:
Adzic himself with his 2013 book, Impact Mapping: Making a big impact with software products and projects, building on his previous explications of specification by example. Ellen Gottesdeiner and Mary Gorman with their 2013 book, Discover to Deliver:  Agile P…